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4o years old with demylantation diease or better known as early m.s.sept 17 2004 dr finally admited it is progressive m.s PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS MY LIVE JOURNAL TO PUT DOWN MY FEELINGS AT THE TIME I AM FEELIN THEM .IT IS NOT MY INTENT TO HURT ANY BODY OR INSULT PEOPLE .THE BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU IS IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT YOU ARE READING DON"T READ MY JOURNAL.............................................update2011 I now have been confirmed with what we knew all along was m.s ,so I have had it for almost 20 some odd years I am also severely anemic at this pint may 2011 needing transfusions every week (last count i was up to 22 ) I had type 2 diabetes (went away when I lost 100 lbs ,but am hypoglycemic now and can't tolerate a lot of food as I am borderline w/milk ,bread sot etc lol,how ever I am more active now then I was 15 years ago (outside of needing blood)I only get "m.s. attacks during hot weather and stress so it is about 3 or 4 bad ones a year . I do take meds but so what I am still moving : )